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Sometimes it’s useful to return to KISS: Keep It Simple – Strategies. When weight loss and upkeep turns into overly sophisticated and burdensome, it’s time to get again to fundamentals. Fortunately there are quite a few easy strategies which might be low value or no value, each by way of effort and funds. It must also go with out saying that if you happen to devour much less, it may well unlock financial assets that you simply may wish to spend on – let’s say – a trip, extra outings or toys you get pleasure from … or one thing else enjoyable!

Here are a handful of articles that make the dreaded P.C. (Portion Control) truly enjoyable, and definitely lots less complicated, if not simple. Some of the concepts that assist with this be-good-to-yourself technique are famous under every:

5 Strategies for Effortless Portion Control

  • Stay hydrated – Drink one other glass of pure water a day and see that you simply’re extra happy
  • Stay lively – Push off the workplace chair or sofa a bit extra typically; observe the nice advantages
  • Smaller plates – Instead of dinner plates, attempt these smaller ones (after ingesting a glass of water to start)
  • Snack-sized baggage (slightly than ‘super-sized’ ones)
  • More veggies, please!
  • Keep a food diary (observe which healthy options you get pleasure from and barely emphasize these)
  • Make home-cooked or home-prepped meals appear extra like eating out … moreover you management the substances at residence and don’t have to clarify to the chef your dietary preferences 🙂
  • Table it! Try eating on the desk as an alternative of in entrance of the ‘tube’ (or screens of all kinds) extra typically to eat extra consciously … which may result in …
  • Slower savored bites
  • Enjoy a superb dialog with household and pals whereas eating … If you get immersed in significant dialogue you may sail previous pangs and let your appestat catch as much as you!


  • 1 serving of fruits or greens = dimension of a baseball (not a softball) or the dimensions of a lady’s fist
  • 1/2 cup cooked or uncooked veggies = rounded handful
  • 3 ounces of rooster or meat = dimension of a deck of playing cards or an ordinary bar of cleaning soap
  • 1 small russet potato = dimension of a pc mouse
  • 1/4 cup dried fruit or nuts = dimension of a giant egg
  • 1 cup of cereal = dimension of a lady’s fist
  • 1 ½ ounces cheese = 4 cube stacked collectively

10 Top Secrets of Portion Control

  • Divide your plate into fruits/veggies and protein/starch; try for equality slightly than closely weighted (pun meant) towards the stuff that weighs you down
  • Pre-portion treats; slightly than denial, attempt a satisfying pattern that melts in your mouth… like a 1″ sq. of your favourite darkish chocolate after dinner
  • Keep healthy snacks most seen; counter-top jars can have bite-size parts of things that promote your health and well-being… How about 3 pistachios or almonds or cashews? Make a sport of counting to 3 after which leaving the kitchen till the subsequent meal.
  • Don’t purchase meals for friends that you simply wouldn’t eat your self; discover out the place the overlap is and keep away from post-visit additions to your lap 🙂
  • Make the healthy selections simple; put together outsized quantities of things like salads, veggie platters, and many others. When the 4 items of fudge are gone and all is left is carrots and celery, pig out! 🙂
  • Cut Up Food Before Eating … It appears to be like greater!

Need a bit science to again you up? Here’s an article for you: What is the role of portion control in weight management?

Happy conscious eating!


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