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What Is My Primary Element? Energy Medicine Yoga + Stress

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In YJ’s new on-line course, Energy Medicine Yoga: Transformation Through the Subtle Body, famend vitality healer and Eden Energy Medicine pioneer Donna Eden and Energy Medicine Yoga creator Lauren Walker lead an eight-week training that may shift longstanding patterns in your underlying vitality, which impacts your thoughts, physique, and spirit. Through easy instruments and practices that mix vitality work with yoga, you’ll discover ways to activate your innate therapeutic for higher steadiness, vitality, and well-being. Find out more and sign up today!

Balancing your delicate physique is a pathway to managing stress, whether or not it is associated to work, relationships, or funds—however it’s important to know just a little bit about your distinctive tendencies first. In Energy Medicine Yoga, you’re employed with many vitality methods, however the Five Elements is an efficient place to start as a result of it influences your different vitality methods. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, and Metal), that are additionally related to the seasons, govern our bodily, emotional, and energetic tendencies. Here, Donna Eden and Lauren Walker, who co-teach our new course, Energy Medicine Yoga, share a bit about how every Element responds to emphasize, so you’ll be able to decide your main component. 

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