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Maca and the Mayan Empire

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Maca is an historical root vegetable that has been used for hundreds of years and was notably well-liked in the Mayan tradition. Its key powers are to spice up power ranges, enhance endurance and preserve a healthy hormonal stability whereas lowering stress and fatigue.


Maca can also be a wonderful superfood for athletes and those that dwell an lively way of life. The efficient outcomes stem from its adaptogenic properties and spectacular content material of protein, fibre, amino acids and fatty acids. The ingredient is filled with vitamins, vitamins and minerals that the physique can tremendously profit from, particularly when excessive ranges of power are required.


Why did the Mayans love maca?


The Mayan Empire was a Mesoamerican civilisation, developed by indigenous individuals and centred in, what’s at present often called, Guatemala. The Maya civilisation possessed spectacular data of agriculture, writing, calendar-making, arithmetic and astronomy. They had a shocking quantity of understanding of the world that modern-day generations had been solely capable of uncover with superior expertise.


Most Mayan cities had been deserted and it stays to this present day a thriller as to how most of the Mayans disappeared. Today, Mayans primarily reside inside the boundaries of their previous empire which now partly belong to the nations Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Despite the drastic lower in inhabitants, the Mayans have managed to keep up their historical tradition. For instance, the Maya calendar has survived remarkably nicely, persevering with to maintain observe of the days and years with a view to conduct their conventional rituals.


The historical Maya Empire left behind extraordinary structure and symbolic art work, in addition to their research and findings about the world. To this present day, we nonetheless take recommendation from their advanced intelligence and implement them into modern-day, similar to their spectacular knowledge of arithmetic and astronomy, and meals that profit our health, like Maca.

 In truth, fashionable Mayan intellectuals are sustaining the knowledge handed down by their ancestors and forming sturdy bonds inside the neighborhood with a view to survive. Impressively, the Maya populations are literally starting to extend in numbers, reasonably than vanishing. The Mayans appear to be nicely conscious of their strengths, treasured data about the world and their wealthy historical past, which can assist them survive for hundreds of years.


One of the issues we discovered from the Mayans was the highly effective results of maca. When the Spanish got here to America and started settling in the Andes, they found that Mayans took massive doses of this superfood. The Spanish had been impressed by the efficient health advantages the ingredient offered.




The primary good thing about Maca for Mayans was the elevated strength and power ranges the superfood offered. It has been predicted that Mayans used to load their warriors up on Maca to provide them further vigour for battles. Hence, many athletes and lively people embody Maca of their weight loss program to extend power and endurance.


Hormonal Balance


Maca is taken into account a pure adaptogen which might help preserve a healthy hormonal stability for each males and girls. Regular consumption of maca helps you adapt to emphasize from a hormonal standpoint and prevents your physique from changing testosterone into estrogen. It additionally has optimistic impacts on temper, whereas enhancing vitality and libido.


Healthy radiant pores and skin


This ingredient that was a lot is packed with B vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are amazingly beneficial for improving complexion and enhancing your skin. Maca also contains over 20 amino acids, zinc, iron and magnesium that are important for healthy-looking skin and hair.

As well as Maca, we also offer a variety of amazing supplements that can fuel and energise your body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients it requires for an active lifestyle.

Ashwagandha Root Powder helps increase your power and endurance ranges tremendously, in addition to fight emotions of stress, nervousness and fatigue. Spirulina and turmeric are additionally nice additions to an athlete’s weight loss program as they’re filled with important vitamins that actively work collectively to assist stabilise blood stress, improve power ranges and preserve healthy bone, muscle and mind perform.

Cacao powder is many individuals’s favorite because it incorporates a wealthy pure chocolate flavour whereas serving to enhance the immune system and the flexibility in the arteries. It is strongly thought of a mood-boosting complement, making it an excellent addition to highly-active people.

For athletes and gym-enthusiasts, following in the steps of the Mayan individuals might help you to realize optimum efficiency and restoration.  Simply add one to 2 teaspoons to your favorite smoothie or cereal and get pleasure from!




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