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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) – What are they and how do you avoid them?

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We all wish to really feel protected in regards to the food we are feeding ourselves and our households.  You might have seen the current information about pesticides in breakfast cereals.  So one of many steps we take at Amrita Foods is to reverify our provides and that they are solely supplying us elements that are freed from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  

Now, there may be a variety of confusion and questions in the case of understanding what GMOs are, how they have an effect on the surroundings and how to avoid them, so the remainder of this publish will focus on this.

What is a GMO?

A GMO is a residing organism whose genetics have been artificially manipulated by a course of known as Genetic Engineering (GE). This is to not be confused with selective or crossbreeding, which people have been practising for tons of of years. The distinction between the 2 is that genetic engineering takes the gene from one species and injects is into a totally totally different species that will by no means reproduce in nature, whereas selective breeding alters genetics by permitting traits to be masked or bolstered by pure mating. For occasion, GE can be taking a temperature management gene from a chilly-water fish and injecting it into the genetic code of a corn stalk so it received’t freeze in chilly situations. Selective breeding, alternatively, can be strategically pollinating seedless grapes with different grapes so the offspring are additionally seedless.

Are there locations on the planet in opposition to GMOs?

Many folks are involved with the potential health dangers concerned with GMOs. In truth, greater than 60 nations all over the world, together with Australia, Japan, and the complete European Union, have vital restrictions or full bans on the manufacturing and sale of GMOs.  The most elementary of which is required labeling for all merchandise containing GMOs. Despite just a few states efforts, primarily California’s Proposition 37 and Vermont’s at the moment litigated H.112 invoice, the US nonetheless has but to comply with the priority set by these different developed nations. We determined to get non-GMO licensed in order that we are able to be part of and contribute to the quickly rising strain of regulating and labeling GMO inclusive merchandise. 

Are there health and environmental dangers concerned in consuming GMOs?

Yes, there’s a rising physique of proof connects GMOs with health issues, environmental harm and violation of farmers’ and shoppers’ rights.  Some of the health issues are related to allergic reactions, infertility, immune issues, insulin regulation and extra.  Environmentally, herbicide use has grown an insane 15 occasions extra prevalent since genetically modified herbicide tolerant crops have been launched. As a outcome, “super-weeds” and “super-bugs” have emerged on the planet. These are weeds and bugs which might solely be killed utilizing extra poisonous pesticides on our meals.

How can I avoid GMOs?

70-80% of US packaged items embody GMOs.  You might have seen the current information about pesticides in breakfast cereals.  So on the lookout for natural is at all times an option- however not that low-cost. I imagine that most suitable choice is to purchase native  particularly farmers market and in season.  Also search for corporations like ours that are speaking about these points and specializing in a cleaner ingredient chain.   


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